“Beauty is the canvas, artistry and vision is the paintbrush” – Brianna Knight

Brianna Knight

Founder and CEO

Brianna Knight is an Atlanta based Makeup Artist, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. She has always had a creative mind and eye for all things beautiful. In 2009, she decided to dive into the world of artistry. From pageants, to television and film, she has touched the faces and lives of so many stunning people. The legacy of her grandmother, Velma O. Compton inspired her to take a leap of faith as she began creating a life where her passions existed. Brianna believes that each client should leave her chair feeling empowered and enhanced. Her ability to transform her clients by consulting to determine their needs, channeling their inner alter ego and executing their vision is what sets her apart from other makeup artists. As a result of her years of experience in the beauty industry, she created a product line that consists of beauty tools and skin care products. Her purpose in doing so is to offer solutions to the very issues that her clients mask through makeup. She believes that healing problem skin promotes self confidence and true beauty. She is passionate about honing her skills and challenging herself to be the best artist that she can be. Enhancing Beauty, Elevating Confidence, and Creating Masterpieces is Brianna’s daily mantra.