III.VI. Artistry Ambassador Program

ambassador program beauty

We are always excited to work with beautiful new faces and personalities to represent who we are as a brand.

We are seeking individuals who understand that beauty is not solely in the eye of the beholder; it lives within us and displays itself through who we are.

III.VI. Artistry takes pride in not only shedding light on ways to maintain beauty but simple hacks to make beauty upkeep and makeup application faster, easier, and more efficient.

If you are a lash and makeup connoisseur, or simply love our products and want to spread the word about our brand, here is how to inquire.

Send an email to info @ briannaknight.com with the item/sku number of the product(s) that you wish to purchase at your ambassador discount of 20%.

But there is more…. You must be selected as an ambassador before the discount can be applied towards your purchase.

Once selected, an email will be sent to you to provide further details on how to move forward with purchases, perks and more! Here are some of the determining factors of the selection process.

Must Haves:

  • Friendly, approachable, and outgoing personality.
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms and tools.
  • Ability to post 3-5x a week on social media platforms.

We look forward to working with you!!!